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Welcome in the new season 2018/2019.

    Welcome everybody after holiday break and invite you to workout in the new season 2018/2019.

We wish you a lot of success in the new season. Osu!

Grading exams for master levels.

    Grading examinations for master levels were held on 25th November 2007. Master Shigeru Oyama, 10th Dan was the examiner. After a very hard technical and combat training session, Sensei Artur Kloskowski of the Gdańsk Karate Full-Contact Club, attained a 2nd Dan..
    Congratulations! OSU!

Examination session in Cracow.

    On June 15th, 2007 in Cracow there was an exam for 4-1 kyu student levels.Shihan Jan Dyduch 7 dan was the examiner. About 100 sempai from many clubs took part in this exam, among them 7-people group from the Gdańsk’s Full-Contact Karate Club. The exhausting technical and fighting test was passed by:
- Dominik Nahalewicz - 3 kyu,
- Marcin Biedrzycki - 3 kyu,
- Kamil Bielecki - 4 kyu,
- Krystian Kużdowicz - 4 kyu.
- Mariusz Daczyński - 4 kyu,
- Adam Adamczyk - 4 kyu.
- Maciej Piotrowski - 4 kyu,
    Congratulations on achieving the higher kyu levels! Osu!

Student level examination.

    On June 5th, 2007 in John Paul 2nd Gimnazjum no. 3 in Gdańsk Chełm there was a kyu student level exam. Sensei Jacek Wojtukiewicz 3 dan was an examiner. Despite the heat in Dojo and exhausting technical test , 27 sempai passed the exam. Congratulations for participants on getting the levels and we wish them a lot of success and thanks for parents for supporting their children! ! OSU!

Poland Junior Championship in Warsaw.

    On May 26th, 2007 in SGGW sports hall in Warsaw there was X Poland Junior Karate Federation Championship in semi-knockdown. 130 contestants from 32 sports clubs took part in this event, representing Oyama karate, Kyokushin Tezuka Group and ShinKyokushinkai. Sempai Marcin Biedrzycki presented himself very well gaining brown medal in 60 kg category as well as Sempai Adam Adamczyk in category above 80kg, who after an extremely stout-hearted fight surrendered his rival in points in quarterfinal fight.
    We cordially congratulate on their success! OSU!