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         Sosai Masutatsu Oyama was born on 27.07.1923 in South Korea. Masutatsu’s whole life was connected with full-contact fighting skills. He started training different styles of fighting as a child. Wanting to be the strongest man in Japan, Sosai Oyama started his mountain therapy to improve his technical abilities and to condition his soul. He was initially accompanied by one of his students who quietly ran away after six months leaving behind Mas Oyama who continued his training in isolation for 14 months. Oyama became the strongest martial artist in Japan On his return to civilization in 1947, he took part in Karate championships in Japan and won all fights by knock-out. He then decided to dedicate his whole life to karate-do and again started his solitary training this time in Kiyozumi Hills. His trainings were fanatical, 12hours daily without any free days, standing under a cold waterfalls, breaking stones bare handedly. At the same time he studied ancient classical art of fighting, Zen and philosophy. He come down after 18 months fully satisfied with his achievement and able to control his life. In 1950 Sosai began to find out and demonstrate his strength by fighting bulls. He won 52 such fights with 3 bulls dying on the spot and 49 losing their horns when he cut them bare handed, “shuto”. In 1952 he traveled across the USA demonstrating his skills live on Tv. In the following years he took on all his opponents totaling to 270 and won all fights. Most fights were won by single punches with no fight lasting more than 3 minutes. He was nicknamed “God’s hand” and he lived like an exemplary Japanese warriors, “maxim ichi geki, Hassatsu” or one punch – sure death. This was Masutatu Oyama’s technique’s real aim. This technique named by the great master, Kyokushinka, which means the final truth, kyokushinkai karate spread throughout the world and is today one of the largest organizations of full contact martial arts in the world.
         Among Oyama’s students who passed the 100 fight mark include:
  • Steve Arneil,
  • Tadashi Nakamura,
  • Shigeru Oyama,
  • Loek Hollander,
  • John Jarvis,
  • Miuki Miura,
  • Howard Collins,
  • Shokei Matsui,
  • Keiji Sanpei,
  • Akira Masuda.
             Masutatsu Oyama died on 26.04.1994 at the age of 71. He is an example of a real warrior and will remain an example to be emulated by all who are training martial arts.