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      Training in Gdansk Full-contact karate club automatically makes us members of two full-contact organizations: Polish and International Full Contact organization. The club annually participates in Full-contact karate, Knockdown, Kobudo and Kata contests organized from local, regional, national to international level. Kyu exams are held three times a year. Summer and winter camps are also held annually with the participation of renown Champions of Full contact karate. Members of our club have won numerous medals including black belts in various national and international sports tournaments.

     Thanks to our effective training methods in full contact martial art techniques, which give tangible results, our training halls are full of young girls and boys. Co-opting the girls gives them the necessary self-confidence and whatever achievements they have in kyu and DAN are recognized by all. We also have lessons with kids tailored to suit their physical and psychological abilities. General fitness test enhances concentration, which is reflected not only during the karate lessons but also in the school curriculum. They learn self discipline, respect for the elderly but above all the become self confident and thus they do not have to seek refuge in alcohol and drugs. We also have training sessions for senior citizens of our society