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Gdansk full contact karate club invites kids, the youth, adults and the elderly both male and female
to take part in our karate courses.

Gdańsk :

- Morena - S.P. Nr 2 ul. Marusarzówny:

                                   - Kids                     - Monday and Wednesday od 19.30 do 20.30

                                   - Youth and adults - Monday and Wednesday od 19.30 do 20.30

- Chełm - Z.S.O. Nr 7 ul. Chałubińskiego :

                                   - Kids                    - Tuesday and Thursday od 20.00 do 21.00

                                   - Youth and adults - Tuesday and Thursday od 21.00 do 22.00

Real self defence:
- For women both individually and in groups.,
- We organize training for companies, the armed forces, Police, Security companies, Boarder Guards, City Police for individuals and groups. The training includes techniques of disabling and immobilizing opponents as well as aggression psychology and defense,
- Self defence together with recreation for people above 60years.,
- Real self defence presentations in Full contact karate.
- Sensei Artur Kloskowski - +48/608-657-820, e-mail: karategdansk@op.pl

- Sensei Karol Kloskowski - +48/790-655-385, e-mail: karatekyokushinkai@op.pl, lawyer_justice@onet.eu, prawnik_poradyprawne@wp.pl