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Dojo Etiquette

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The Dojo is a special place and should be treated so!

1. When entering or leaving one should bow and say "OSU"
(If the is a Shihan Sensei in the Dojo then bow and say "OSU"
again in front of it).

2. If late for training sit in the ZAZEN position,
the back turned to those on training, eyes closed - MOKUSO.
If the trainer decides that you can join the group, the stand ,
bow and say "OSU" before joining the training.

3. Address you instructor as SHIHAN, SENSEI or SEMPAI
depending on his level. Never call your instructor by name during training.

4. Do not talk, laugh or swear during training. Take your training seriously.
A karate man must always be well behaved. Do not waste your time
and other peoples time by attending trainings when you are not prepared.
Exercises must be taken seriously and treated with the due respect.

5. Unless asked, do not leave your place of training.
Do not move around the Dojo without permission.

6. Your kimono must always be clean.

7. Do not remove or untie any part of the kimono unless asked.

8. Listen attentively to your instructor and remember that the instructor
will never ask you to do something that you are incapable of doing.
Always address you instructor clearly as "OSU".

9. Never practice KUMITE in the absence of the instructor.

10. The instructor must be treated with due respect and in his absence
whoever he delegates to take over the training must be treated
with the same respect. Do not talk in the presence of the trainer
unless you are asked to do so.

11. Do not wear jewelry during training.

12. Take your personal hygiene seriously.

13. Do not eat at least two hours before training.